People’s Choice Award: Vote For Your Favourite Business

Sponsor: Twickenham Studios

In over 100 years, Twickenham Studios has produced iconic films including The Italian Job, The Eagle Has Landed, Blade Runner, An American Werewolf In London, Zulu, Gandhi, Superman and all the Beatles films. Twickenham comprises shooting stages and are also world renowned for its sound and picture post-production services. In recent years Twickenham has won an Oscar and BAFTA for its work on Bohemian Rhapsody and a TV Emmy for Black Mirror.

Entry Guidelines:
  • This Award is for the public’s favourite business in the borough of Richmond. Simply vote for your favourite business or organisation and the business/organisation with the most votes by the closing date wins
  • One vote per email address
  • The company or organisation with the most votes wins
  • Please feel free to use your social media, email comms and website to encourage people to vote for your business/organisation

Each vote must be submitted by the voter themselves; in other words, you may not submit a vote on behalf of another person. For example, if you are a business, you may not submit votes on behalf of your clients.
If we establish that a vote has been submitted by a person other than the email addressee, then the vote will be disqualified from this category.

Voting Form for Category: People’s Choice Award