Best Digital Category

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Entry Guidelines:

To enter you need to be a business or organisation in Richmond upon Thames or do significant work in the borough. When completing the entry forms please use metrics for example proportion of turnover, %, numbers in your evidence – this will assist in the judging. All sizes of businesses and organisations are invited to enter and all will be judged according to their size. If you do not have all the answers you could still win – our independent judges will judge you fairly. The number of characters allowed per question indicates the maximum – by no means do you have to use all of these to answer the questions fully. Please attach any additional evidence such as press releases or testimonials or confidential business balance sheets to support your entry. Any additional questions about entering any of the categories please contact

Entry Form for Category: Best Digital

Your Name

Your Job Title

Your Email

Your Phone Number (mobile and/or landline)

Name of business or organisation

Please indicate your business sector, type of activity, approximate turnover & no. of employees

1. Does your business or organisation do work and or is it based in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames? - max 20 words

2. What are ALL the commercial benefits of your website - so how do you generate business via your website? - max 500 words including metrics where possible

3. How was your website developed? Describe what you had in mind when developing your website and how it transpired? - max 500 words

4. What was your vision, strategy, and execution from a business perspective? - max 500 words

5. How do you keep your website maintained and up-to-date? - max 500 words

6. How do you engage with customers, clients, suppliers, others via your website? - max 500 words

7. Is your website novel or different - if so how?

8. Describe how you may have linked social media and other digital media to your website and how they have benefited your business commercially? - max 500 words

9. Who will collect the award in November at the awards ceremony should you win?

Please upload your company logo and any other documents relevant to your entry here (max. 2Mb)