Award for Best Business for Innovation

Sponsor : Minesoft

Minesoft is a global software company specialising in online patent information products and services. Our areas of expertise include Patent Information, Intellectual Property document retrieval, Patent Analytics, Patent Archiving and Competitive Intelligence and all areas of Industrial Research including chemistry, engineering and technology.

Our solutions – including PatBase, the international searchable patent database – are designed to help organisations exploit the commercial value of IP and scientific information throughout the innovation process. We serve many Fortune 500/FTSE 100 companies around the world, as well as specialist IP, patent attorney and search firms.

Founded in 1996 by Ann Chapman and Ophir Daniel and headquartered in Richmond, Minesoft meets the needs of a fast-growing global client base with international customer support (including locations in USA, Japan, Germany and Israel), and by partnering with some of the information industry’s leading names. Minesoft won the Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2009.

Minesoft is proud to sponsor the Richmond Business Awards recognising and celebrating local businesses, and would like to wish all nominees the best of luck!

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Entry Guidelines:

To enter you need to be a business or organisation in Richmond upon Thames or do significant work in the borough. When completing the entry forms please use metrics for example proportion of turnover, %, numbers in your evidence – this will assist in the judging. All sizes of businesses and organisations are invited to enter and all will be judged according to their size. If you do not have all the answers you could still win – our independent judges will judge you fairly. The number of characters allowed per question indicates the maximum – by no means do you have to use all of these to answer the questions fully. Please attach any additional evidence such as press releases or testimonials or confidential business balance sheets to support your entry. Any additional questions about entering any of the categories please contact

Entry Form for Best Business for Innovation

Your Name

Your Job Title

Your Email

Your Phone Number (mobile and/or landline)

Name of business or organisation

1. Does your business or organisation do work and/or is it based in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames? 20 words:
Please include information about the size of your company in terms of number of employees and /or turnover.

2. If not based in the Borough please specify what % and how much work you do in Richmond upon Thames? - max 50 words

3. Innovation is the application of a better solution that meets new requirements or needs through any mechanism such as a more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are readily available to market - tell us about your innovation and how it is original, new or important in your own field of work?
This question is focused on the better solution you have developed. When describing it please explain what about it is innovative – this should not only be a technical description but should also include an explanation of how it is different from what you offered before (if relevant) and /or how it is different from alternatives available on the market.
Also tell us when was this innovation /innovative product /service developed and when it was (or will be) made available to customers.

4. What is the requirement or need that it is addressing and how? 200 words
This question is about your customers and how your innovation meets a need they have.
When describing it please explain why they buy your product/service – what problem or unmet need does it solve for them or why does it meet this need better than alternative products /services?

5. How has this innovation made a difference – this might be anything from cost savings; increased profit, sustainable environment, better customer service, improved safety etc – please provide evidence of this. 400 words
This question is about the benefits your innovative product /service brings to your customers and is closely linked to question 4 above. What benefits to your customers get from using your innovative product or service; what difference does it make to them or their business?

6. What impact has the innovation had on you, your own business, or the wider community– this might be anything from cost savings; increased profit, sustainable environment, better customer service, improved safety etc - please provide the evidence of this - 200 words
This question is focused on your company. How has the innovation made a difference to your company. Please also tell us any local impact e.g. creation in local jobs.

7. Who will collect the award in November at the awards ceremony should you win?

Please upload your company logo and any other documents relevant to your entry here (max. 5Mb)