Award for Best Female Entrepreneur

Sponsor: Nat West

As the UK’s leading bank for SMEs and start up businesses, NatWest is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses. We believe that entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the economy and we are determined to support enterprise and help businesses achieve their goals and ambitions.
We are investing in our relationship managers to help them better understand entrepreneurs and the challenges they face so that we can support them. For example, we aim to take 10,000 of our colleagues through our Entrepreneurial Development Academy and we will have 500 accredited Women in Business specialists to support female entrepreneurs by the end of this year.
We continue to support the development of business communities, helping to join business owners and local stakeholders such as Chambers of Commerce, educational establishments and local agencies to connect and share knowledge and experience. These connections can be so important in helping small business achieve their ambitions.
With 5.2m businesses in the UK and over 99% of them being SMEs and micro businesses, we believe if we can have a positive influence and help others become successful, that will lead to our own success too.
Entry Guidelines:

To enter you need to be a business or organisation in Richmond upon Thames or do significant work in the borough. When completing the entry forms please use metrics for example proportion of turnover, %, numbers in your evidence – this will assist in the judging. All sizes of businesses and organisations are invited to enter and all will be judged according to their size. If you do not have all the answers you could still win – our independent judges will judge you fairly. The number of characters allowed per question indicates the maximum – by no means do you have to use all of these to answer the questions fully. Please attach any additional evidence such as press releases or testimonials or confidential business balance sheets to support your entry. Any additional questions about entering any of the categories please contact

Entry Form for Best Female Entrepreneur

Your Name

Your Job Title

Your Email

Your Phone Number (mobile and/or landline)

Name of business or organisation

Please indicate your business sector, type of activity, approximate turnover & no. of employees

1. Is your business either based or does it trade significantly within The Borough of Richmond upon Thames?

2. How has the business evolved and grown - has it moved location is it local/international, taken on employees, has the turnover increased, has the distribution/delivery branched out into new territories/industries?

3. What impact has the business had on its industry sector? Is it beating competitors, or providing strong competition to bigger names?

4. Describe your business strategy for now/the future and how it delivers for your business. 500 words

5. What were the goals when the business started? Has it over-achieved? Has the business vision changed?

6. Did you face any financial restrictions or funding/investment barriers?

7. Were there any legal issues?

8. Were there any personal issues that had to be overcome - e.g. family commitments, confidence?

9. Did you learn new skills for the business, take courses or gain qualifications?

10. Were there any economic issues that acted as a barrier – unemployment or having to let staff go? Did the nominee have a previous business that didn't work out?

11. Did you have to break industry barriers in making the business a success – e.g. making a name for themselves in a male-dominated industry, or entering a new and untested industry?

12. Tell the judges about your achievements such as awards, qualifications or accreditations?

13. What personal achievements spurred you onto create a business - have you climbed a mountain, completed a marathon, invested in other successful businesses or lobbied the local council for change?

Please upload your company logo and any other documents relevant to your entry here (max. 2Mb)